Omis Rock Climbing 40€ / person

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  • Trip People
    Max people: 10
  • Trip Duration
    Duration: 3 hours
  • Trip Guide
    Guide: Professional climbing guide
  • Trip Lunc
    Lunch: no

What you will see & do

Route heights from 10 to 30 meters. Rock climbing is an amazing adventure filled with adventure, perfect for everybody. Expect beautiful view on the city of Omiš, the sea and canyon of river Cetina. All you need is appropriate sportswear and, of course, adventurous spirit. Cooperating with your instructor you can climb up to 30m of height. Variety of different route levels gives you an opportunity to feel like a spider for a while. Working with your instructor and professional gear this adventure becomes 100% safe.

Usefull Information

We recommend wearing sport clothing and bottle of water. Swimming is possible at the beach 400 meters from the climbing area